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Introduction of Lazarus Version 1.8


The conference will be held in English and Dutch


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Get free Programs and Components if you go to the conference
1. FreePascal Report Generator
2. kbmMW Memtable Components
3. Latest stabel version of Lazarus 1.8 Windows
4. Lazarus/Mint/VitualBox
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Introduction to the newest version of Lazarus (1.8)
Mattias will show the most important new items.
We will discuss the method to create your own Components 
and integrate in Lazarus. (The so-called open and closed source versions and what it really
means for the end user).

Mattias Gärtner will show the most important change
and changes of IDE features to you, we will discuss the roadmap of Lazarus, FPC and
Blaise Pascal Magazine
Mattias is the main developer of Lazarus, Michael van Canneyt for FPC.
Michael will be available on the conference, you will be able to put questions to the team.

Because we will show the newest version of Lazarus we also will show the consequences for viewing live on a 4k Screen, 48 inch this new version in a so called High DPI Mode. <-- NEW
On Windows 10 as well Windows 7!

Random? What does that really mean?
Thaddy de Koning <-- NEW
about the importance of random, real random, pseudo random and what the consequences are for your code.
- speed / secure randoms / statistics / - issues like Delphi of Lazarus compatible random routines
- issues
like using a Raspberry Pi (or modern Intel) as hwrng. (secure).
Random is still a comprehended

   - 14.00



kbmMWMemtable in conjunction with SQL.
kbmMW mentions a very important fact that you can use SQL with this in memory table,
- not only a very specific
SQL statement but ANY kind of statement from ANY supplier:
whether its MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft, Firebird etc.
Something that NO OTHER MemTables offers.
This means you could create any kind of program without the use of a Database and still can use SQL. You can even prepare your SQL in an SQL generator and use it outcomes.

We found Components4Developers-owner Kim Madsen
to have the latest version available for this experiment so that we built a component group which will be available for free with closed source and if you want the source code you can of course order that.

Coffee break

NEW: Pascal Riekenberg will show the new FP report
The first FreePascal-Report generator,
a tool you will of course rceive for free.
NOT Fastreport but a totaly new developed report generator by Michael van Canneyt.
Imagine: create your own Report Generator and make it available for your customers...!
The specialist that will explain it all is: Pascal Riekenberg

* Tatuk GIS for Lazarus.(Geograpical Information System)
 It already works under Delphi and so w
e want to develop a special group of components for  Tatuk GIS Lazarus. We plan to integrate that into our program of that day.

This subject will only be shown if the code for this is in time available

Coffee break

Anthony Vogelaar let's the time tick:
running a T-timer for lazarus and then do that job a bit more advanced running on almost nanoscale for the use of a timer on the basis of the CPU. This of course without having a graphical environment but a very precise clock.... Incredible!

Coffee break
17.00 End
Conference program details may change owing to circumstances beyond our control.