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Computer Math and Games in Pascal by David Dirkse

A book printed in full color, sewn back bound with a hard cover. Quality first. A fully indexed PDF file is included.
Also printed in full color, soft cover. A fully indexed PDF file is included.

The book contains 87 chapters, 53 projects with source code and compiled programs (exe). All of these projects you can download at our special website
The book is highly educational and suitable for beginners as well as for professionals.

Play board games, solve puzzles, operate a vintage mechanical calculator, Produce 3-dimensional computer art, generate lists of prime numbers, explore and draw any mathematical function.

Solve systems of equations, calculate the area of complex polygons.
Draw lines, circles and ellipses.
Resize, rotate, compress digital images.
Design your own font, generate and reduce Truth Tables from Boolean algebra.
And more important: understand how it all works!

For the games, winning strategies are explained.
For puzzles the search algorithm.
For all projects: the math behind is thoroughly discussed.


of the chapters of the book: (More...)

The Delphi (works also under Berlin) source code is available together with full explanation. Most of the projects can be done with FPC and or Lazarus as well.

Pascal is the most educative, easy to learn and only language available for several operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.
It is a great programming language…

All of these programs and projects come together with the book


See here and view some of the 48 video examples....
all the code and projects are included


view the video 3dSpheres (More)

view the video BitmapRotation (More)

view the video Connect4 (More)

view the video Floodfill (More)

view the video Freedraw (More)

view the video GraphicsExplorer