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We are offering all subscribers a complete low-cost pre-installed Linux environment, on a memory card which includes an installation of the MySQL Database More...

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Computer Math and Games in Pascal by David Dirkse

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increases nr of issues per year from 6 to 10...

More issues! Same great content! No price increase! All subscribers will receive ten magazines each year from now on (rather than the 6 per year you have received up until now).
We are increasing the publication frequency so that we can keep you up to date better with breaking news.
This change also means there will be more space for content (400 pages a year in total, compared to 360 pages per year up until now).
We are sure you will enjoy more frequent updates on developments in the Pascal world.

The next issue is to be publisshed in the first week of March 2015

Issue 37/38 and Dutch version 119/120 are available now from your download site including your code examples...

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Book Review - By Jim Duff
Delphi in Depth: ClientDataSets, 2nd Edition written by Cary Jensen
Cloning FDMemTable Cursors - By Cary Jensen
Floating points? - By David Dirkse
The Leap Motion Visualizer - By Dmitry Boyarintsev
Creating Applications for Mobile: How to make money with apps - By Mark Wilcox
Migration to FastReport: How easy can it be ?
- By Denis Zubov
TIOBE Index for January 2015
Apple’s Guidelines for Creating and Publishing
Google’s Guidelines for Creating and Publishing Android Apps
Google’s help for developers for Android
Lazarus for beginners 3 - By Howard Page-Clark
Editors Choice 1st prize award:
WYSIWYG formatted: text & images editor for VCL & FireMonkey
Regular Expression Report - By Max Kleiner
Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi - By Siegfried Zuhr
Android for Free Pascal - Michael van Canneyt
Having fun with Delphi and AMQP - By Kim Madsen

Cover 36
BOOK Review By Jim Duff
Object Pascal Handbook
New book from Marco Cantù
A WYSIWYG math editor
By David Dirkse
Blue Tooth
By Jeremy North
3D Printing Lab (maxbox)
By Max Kleiner
Converting Delphi to Lazarus and Vice Versa
Differences between Delphi and Lazarus
Lazarus for beginners:
Starting your first program
By Howard Page-Clark
TMS XData and TMS Aurelius
– Learning by Example
By Wagner Landgraf
UpdateMode and FireDAC DataSets
By Cary Jensen
AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol)
By Fikret Hasovitch

Turbocharged quad-core Raspberry Pi 2
It's a turbocharged version of the Pi B+, boasting a new Broadcom BCM2836 900MHz quad-core system-on-chip with 1GB of RAM – all of which will drive performance "at least 6x" that of the B+. (More...)

Windows 10 free for Raspberry
For the last six months we’ve been working closely with Microsoft to bring the forthcoming Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 2. Microsoft will have much more to share over the coming months. The Raspberry Pi 2-compatible version of Windows 10 will be available free of charge to makers.

Visit WindowsOnDevices.com today to join the Windows Developer Program for IoT and receive updates as they become available.

Rasberry Pi 2
Brian Long Off to Australia
to talk at ADUG Symposium 2015

Brian is going to do some talks at the ADUG Symposium 2015 in Australia
It’s a long way to travel, but he's really looking forward to talking to the ADUG members about Delphi XE7 in both Melbourne and Canberra.
  There are a couple of talks scheduled in.
he ’ll be talking about consuming Android OS features that are outside the scope of what the FMX framework wraps up, and also looking at creative debugging technique


Happy Birtday Delphi

BOOK Review By Jim Duff
NEW Delphi Cookbook Author: Daniele Teti page
Boian Mitov an interview
By Detlef Overbeek
Smart Mobile Studio:
Where to use it and with what?
Comment By Christan Budde
Smart Mobile Studio:
Building simple native applications for Windows
Smart Mobile Studio: node.js on a Raspberry Pi
Debugging Techniques in Lazarus
By Howard Page Clark
Start with GEO Maps
By Max Kleiner
A 3D Tic-Tac-Toe game
By David Dirkse
Blazing Performance with FireDAC Array DML
By Cary Jensen
Creating custom edit descendants in XE7
By Jeremy North
Leap Motion Version 2
By Michaël Van Canneyt
KBMMW and messaging (the WIB)
By Fikret Hasovic 64

New Cover 34
Cary Jensen / Ode To the Code
Detlef Overbeek / Animation Lab for Android
Detlef Overbeek / Interview with Boian Mitov:
All about understanding the
RTTI / Attributes / Functional Programming / Multiple Inheritance / Parallel Processing
and GP GPU - Part 1
Rik Smit
Raize Components Version 6PART II-
Continuation from issue 33
Max Kleiner
QR (Quick Response) Codes
David Dirkse Image Compression
Jeremy North
Review :
Documentation Insight by DevJet Software
Cary Jensen
Introduction Local SQL with FireDAC
Michael van Canneyt
Unit testing - test driven development
Kim Madsen
Serving an off the shelf
Content Management System

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