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by the book

Stock clearance sale. Last few books left.
Now on offer at €25 (plus postage and packing). When they're gone they're gone!t

The newest printed edition of Learn to program pascal using Lazarus has arrived
There is also an Adobbe PDF File Available

Special Printed paper edition
This edition is printed as hardcover and sewn.
The book includes the companion PDF file of
the book's contents. This pdf file also coantaines the history of computing - this chapter in full color, Identical to the printed book edition,
Hardcover, Sewn Printed paper edition
Price: 35 € + postage 22.50 €
ISBN Number: ISBN 978-94-90968-04-5

Delphi Dveloper Days

We have launched the PEP Program!
PEP stands for Pascal Education Program,
and this is an educational initiative that
Blaise Pascal Magazine has begun to honour Professor Nicklaus Wirth, who created the Pascal language in the 1960s, and who celebrated his 80th birthday on 15th February this year.
Our aim is to reacquaint schools and colleges with a programming language that was designed specifically to teach good programming practice and design, and which remains one of the best languages for that purpose as it has evolved to incorporate object orientated principles.
We will keep you informed about the PEP initiative as it is launched internationally.

We have tested our website with Chrome
No Heart Bleed virus found

If you use Chrome you can installl Chromebleed
it makes sure that each site you visit is tested
As a user you can do very little about this actually the bug is nothing but a programming error, it is mainly a server side issue and has to do with SSL (HTTPS) and in some cases with authentication with met X509 certificats

LeapMotion Finger demo

Video of the LeapMotion Hand and finger use
Video about the working of the leap

The beta version of the Leap GUI Components will soon be available

Prime sens Carmin 1.09

Review Primesense Carmine 1.09 3D Scanner -

Appmethod Logo

The Appmethod

simple creating mobile apps with Pascal IOS and Android
1. Appmethod Public FAQ
2. The TechCrunch Appmethod article
3.The Appmethod product page

Blaise Pascal Magzine 33
PREVIEW: The next issue will be publihsed in April due to the new developments. In the next issue:
Interview with Professor Dr.Wirth
A story about Pascal becomming famous
An interview about the great man behind Pascal
By Detlef Overbeek
Appmethod Logo
All about the Appmethod
The new Mobile Application maker for IOS and Android
Follow up MVVM By Jeroen Pluimers
Showing the first
User Interface Beta version of the Leap Component Group
By Michael van Canneyt
Programming Truth Table reduction
By David Dirkse
By Cary Jensen
A 3D TicTacToe game
By David Dirkse
Suite Rays components
By Rik Smit
Components 4 Developers By Fikret Hasovitch
maXbox By Max Kleiner
About the new version of Fastreport
Updating DotTapper
By Jeremy North

OBERON the latest pascal development by Professor Niklaus Wirth...

for downloading the Maxbox

Latest Changes Tuesday / 25 / Mar - 22.30 2014


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News from Prime Sense - the developer of the
3D interacting Dvice and Kinect for Microsoft.
Has Microsoft again lost the battle?
Apple Bought PrimeSense
read the article in our next magazine.
Here is a short introduction

The next PASCON:
Thursday 11 September 2014
Leiden - Netherlands


The newest version arrived 2.01

ISSUE NR 31/32
is available The code items are ready for download via login for subscribers

New issue 31Book Review: Coding in Delphi By Jim Duff
Book: Coding Delphi Author: Nick Hodges
Designing an API: common mistakes
By Alexander Alexeev
Newest Leap develeopments Michael Van Canneyt
3D Printing By Bj Rao
Kinect ?! By Michael Van Canneyt
Smart Mobile Studio 2.0 By Primož Gabrijelčič
Interview with David I:
plans about updating buying
A simple superscript text editor By David Dirkse
Interview met Gwan Tan - better office
Using GEO services in Delphi applications
with TMS components By Bruno Fierens
Correcting a bad API design:By Alexander Alexeev

The maXbox Pure Code By Max Kleiner
Interview with Ray Konopka
Programming Bitmap Rotation By David Dirkse
Introduction to Model, View and View Model (MVVM)and the Caliburn Micro for Delphi framework
By Jeroen Pluimers
kbmFMX for XE5 (android) By Fikret Hasovic