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Lazarus (forWindows) preinstalled on a 4 GigabyteUSB Stick
Connect and start programming

Information :
25 megabytes Adobe PDF Instruction files in this directory
stickroot: \Lazarus\docs\pdf\Documentation\

The USB stick includes a wealth of documentation in Adobe PDF format including the
following files:

chart local compiler switches.pdf
fcl free component library.pdf
fpdoc introduction compiling installation fpdoc usage.pdf
prog compiler directives.pdf
ref reference guide.pdf
rtl free pascal runtime library.pdf
user guide.pdf

For extended help and understanding you can order the new book
"Lazarus - the complete guide" by Michael van Canneyt (lead author).
Lazarus - the complete guide
60 demo's examples:


There is space available on the USB stick to develop your own projects.
We will make updates available regularly so your Lazarus USB version
can stay up to date. These updates will be available via our update server.

Any profit from the sale of the USB Lazarus sticks will benefit the Foundation that publishes Blaise Pascal Magazine, Stichting Ondersteuning Programmeertaal Pascal.

by credit card payment or PayPal:

Office@blaisepascal.eu or
mobile phone +31(06)


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