PASCON Pascal Delphi Festival 2016! September 20 - Nieuwegein (NL)


+31 (0) 6 21 23 62 68

NBC Congrescentrum
Blokhoeve 1 3438 LC, Nieuwegein / Netherlands


poster NBC buildingNBC Congrescentrum
Blokhoeve 1 3438 LC, Nieuwegein / Netherlands

The normal ticket price is € 99,-- incl. VAT, attending the sessions, coffee/tea/refreshments and lunch.
BLAISE PASCAL MAGAZINE READERS HAVE A DISCOUNT the ticket price will be 59,-- incl. VAT
The text for the discount is to be found in the new Magazine 53 - only available for subscribers.
If you need help or can't find it send an email or call us (+31 (0)6 21 23 62 68) and we will try to help you.
10:10-11:45 Keynote: Paweł Głowacki - Technical Lead Embarcadero - Launch
Top Ten Pascal Features For You To Enjoy
11:45-12:00 Mattias Gartner / Detlef Overbeek - What's cooking - New External Delphi compiler
12:00-13:00 Lunch - visit stands - ongoing demo Flight Simulator Software written in Delphi
Mitov Software Gnostice Fast-Report
13:00-14:00 Boian Mitov
Delphi and the new frontiers
Delphi and the new frontiers - Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and beyond
Learn how to integrate AI into your Delphi applications, how to connect them with the IoT, and more.
Girish Patil / Ramnish Radhakrishnan
Document Technology for Mobile and Desktop Development
The next-generation document technology from Gnostice, XtremeDocumentStudio Delphi, enables Delphi developers to work with PDF and Office documents. In this session we will get hands-on with the many new features of the technology: True FireMonkey mobile PDF, Word, and image viewing; PDF creation and manipulation using the new PDF engine; and other document viewing features. The PDF and Word engines have been rebuilt from the ground-up for full FireMonkey mobile support. We will get to see how to build applications with real examples..
Den Zubov
Preview on Fastreport 6
FastReports wants to introduce the new upcoming version of FastReport VCL 6. The presentation reveals new features and not only on presentation slides, but also as live demo! You will find out what you can expect from the new version of FastReport VCL!
The presentation will discover architectural changes, new report components, new engine abilities and new export filters.
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  Delphi MVP Delphi MVP TMS Software
14:10-15:10 Stefan Glienke
What is Spring4D?
The Spring4D framework offers an extensive expansion to the Delphi RTL, such as Interface-based Collection Types, Multicast Events and Nullable Datatypes. It also supports the use of Dependency Injection and, recently, even an ORM. But these are only some of the useful tools of Spring4D, in this session you will
Presentation of Spring4D and its various packages Insight into the Collection types, events, Nullable, and more Introduction to Dependency Injection with Spring4D Effectively use Spring4D in your own software
Andrea Magni
MARS-Curiosity: a REST library
MARS-Curiosity is an open source library to build REST application servers and clients in Delphi. It provides developer a clean, easy way to build a standard REST API (to be consumed by any Delphi or non Delphi technology out there, web technologies included) with
the addition of some very Delphi-oriented features like design time support and FireDAC integration to take advantage when building Delphi clients for Delphi servers (mobile or desktop).
This session will provide an overview of
the library and will show some demos.
Bruno Fierens
Create UI controls for VCL, FMX & LCL applications
This session explains what is common between VCL and FMX framework and what not with respect to UI controls.
It shows techniques to overcome differences in both frameworks, pitfalls and how to deal with installing UI components that can be used for VCL and FMX simultaneously in the IDE. Finally some complex large UI controls are demonstrated that used these techniques.
  15:10-15:40 Break
    GDK Software Delphi MVP  
15:40-16:40 Marco Geuze
Customer success story
GDK, a Delphi software house specialized
in building and maintaining Delphi
applications, will show you the tips and
tricks they are useing during their
development- and project cycles. Some
live examples from customers will be used
to show you immediate results and to
learn from pratical showcases.
Danny Wind
IoT Home Automation / Beacons in
With the Internet of Things everything becomes connected. In this session we highlight Thing Connect"" for controlling your home. And we show you how you can use the Beacon technology for micro location specific information. For example: displaying information on your phone about the painting you are looking at in a museum.
Olaf Monien
The World Speaks REST
Over the past few years REST has become the de-facto standard for connected applications. Proprietary protocols are not an option at all for mobile apps. VPN’s for cross domain apps are complex to manage. SOAP
has become less important due to its monolithic design and its expensive XML footprint. Nowadays basically every public API is REST-based.
In this session I will show how to efficiently consume
REST-APIs using Delphi’s System.REST library.
  16:40-17:00 Go the Plenaire Room
  Closing, Q & A